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Mid-2014 London Coffee Update

NEW POST: Mid-2014 London Coffee Update


It’s an undeniably exciting time for London coffee. New shops are popping up like daisies as enterprising coffee lovers take the leap into business ownership; already established cafes are taking their first steps towards expansion, or adding another location to a quickly growing roster.

It’s a Sisyphean task, trying to keep on top of London coffee news. Just as soon as you think you’ve heard all…

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World Barista Championships: Day 1 (Preliminaries Round 1)

NEW POST: World Barista Championships: Day 1 (Preliminaries Round 1)

Presented pretty much without comment (because day 2 is about to kick off and I won’t have time to do much else but copy and paste photo urls!) here are some pics and backstage, post-performance portraits of all the baristas who took part in day one of the World Barista Championships 2014. Enjoy!

Søren Stiller Markusson (Denmark)

Kapo Chiu (Hong Kong)  

Dmitry Koryukin (Russia)


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UK Aeropress Championships 2014 In Photos

NEW POST: UK Aeropress Championships 2014 In Photos

Aeropresses were wielded with the ferocity of lightsabers this past weekend as 42 contestants battled it out to be the UK Aeropress Champion. Square Mile, Workshop, and Coffee Hit all collaborated to sponsor and host the event, as well as providing flights and accommodation for the World Aeropress Championships in Rimini, Italy.

Square Mile and Workshop collaborated to create the blend used…

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Ginstock 2013

NEW POST: A look back at #Ginstock 2013 ahead of 2014’s event. Warning: contains lots of GIN.

World Gin Day and Ginstock 2014 are just around the corner. Tickets go on sale this Wednesday, and you may be wondering, “Should I buy one?” Hopefully, these pictures can give you a preview and whet your appetite for wetting your whistle with that most distinguished of spirits.

There were lots of dapper chaps and ladies, and there were moustaches everywhere.

No, seriously. Everywhere.…

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Takin’ it Easy at Big Easy

NEW POST: Takin’ it Easy at Big Easy , Covent Garden

Fresh off the plane from my trip to America, you think that I would have immersed myself in all the things that London has to offer that I missed in my three weeks back in Alabama: good coffee shops, restaurants with carefully crafted small plates, bars that actually know what a Negroni is. But it wasn’t to be. Wilkescalled me up a few days after I returned, just as I was recovering from an exam…

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Design Museum

NEW POST: Love #design? In #London? You NEED to visit @DesignMuseum this #bankholiday weekend. Read to find out why:


London is one of the best cities in the world for free museums. The British Museum, the Science Museum, the V&A, the Natural History Museum, the National Maritime Museum, the Horniman Museum, the Geffrye Museum… I could go on. While some of the big names have paid exhibitions that come through, like the British Museum’s Vikings exhibit or the V & A’s highly anticipated Alexander McQueen exhibit,…

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White Mulberries

NEW POST: Yes, my blog lives! IT LIVES! Mwahaha! Ahem… so here’s a post on the amazing @WhiteMulberries


I’m going to tell you about one of London’s best kept secrets. Well… okay, that may have been the case last week, but I guess I can’t really claim that anymore. White Mulberries recently won London’s Best Coffee Shop in the (seemingly out of the blue) Coffee Stop Awards and has been featured on the Evening Standard and London Live. Awards aside, though, White Mulberries is the kind of coffee shop…

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